5* goals need 5* controls. 

Be it a restaurant kitchen, storage warehouse or even an office, we can offer a bespoke pest management contract that would cover Rats and Mice with an option to monitor all insects of a public health significance. A thorough inspection will be made of the premises, and the occupier will receive a free, no obligation report of our findings. Should you wish to go ahead with a contract, an agreement detailing how many inspection visits per year, plus any treatment found necessary will be written up and It will also detail the annual cost. 

To keep the Environmental Health Officer happy and to keep the customer informed, a treatment record book would be left on site along with all necessary HSE documentation and safety data sheets. Any treatments, observations or recommendations would be recorded in the book by our technician at the time of his visit and you will also be informed verbally of any proofing or housekeeping advice that would make things more difficult for pests.



✓  Compliance with Environmental Health requirements placed on the customer
✓  Helps re-enforce customers ‘Due Diligence’ for catering and food businesses
✓  Treatment Record for the E.H.O
✓  Discounts on other pest problems and treatments
✓  24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency call out with no extra fee


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Service Please. 

 Pest West Electric Fly Killers.

We can supply fit and service Pest West Electric Fly Killers. Over the years we have tried many different makes of "E.F.K" but we have found the Pest West machines to be the best. There are cheaper machines on the market but as with any product "You get what you pay for". We will also service and maintain most other modern machines.

We Invest in Pest Training

You, the customer, can be confident that the Technician assigned to this contract has achieved a very high level of training, and is continually developing his skills by regularly attending further Training / Refresher courses.


Additional Pest Discount

Other pests that are not mentioned on the contract, would be treated and charged as extras, but we have varying discounts for our contract customers.


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