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If you have any type of pest in your home, place of work or farm please give us a call and we will be happy to offer FREE advice and talk through the problem you have. In any premises we are happy to come along as and when you need us. In larger properties you may wish to take out a contract. We offer a FREE no obligation survey with a written report.  

You will always be informed of the type of treatment you are likely to receive and how long it is likely to take to rid your property of the unwanted guest. We are aware of environmental issues and always use the method that is least detrimental to the environment, yet still efficient and cost effective. In some cases we are even able to use NON TOXIC METHODS. Please feel free to ask our technicians for any advice regarding concerns you may have.

To protect non-target species including children, pets and members of the public.  All methods of control including poisoning and trapping will be done in accordance with product labels and the Health and Safety executives’ Codes of best practice.


If unsightly mole hills all over your lawn are driving you mad then we can help remove these pesky creatures. 


Bees are precious, but a feral swarm is not ideal. We will capture the swarm and re-home it with a local bee-keeper. 

Bird Proofing.

We can advise on and install proofing methods including netting, spikes and scare tactics.


We can treat ants, bed bugs, carpet beetles, cluster flies, fleas and cockroaches.


Are your farm crops being eaten by unwanted rabbits? We can help manage them for you. 


The smallest of nests in June, could by September be home to 20,000 wasps. We will deal with it quickly.

Rats & Mice.

Rodents can spread diseases such as Weil’s disease and cause damage to property with their continued gnawing.

Grey Squirrels.

Scratching in your loft? Grey squirrels can cause serious damage by gnawing cable & to the building structure.